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About KSEE
Founded in 1978,
Korean Society of Environmental Engineers (KSEE) is the biggest and the oldest academic organization for Environmental Engineers in Korea. With more than 4,500 members today, KSEE is open to anyone who wants to participate in our mission and activities.

  • Fostering the academic development of Environment Engineering
  • Improving the status of Environmental Engineers
  • Developing the technology of Environmental Engineering
  • Researching and consulting the Conservation of Environment
  • Increasing the network opportunity among members

  • Publishing books and academic journals (KSEE and EER)
  • Organizing conferences, symposiums, and field trips
  • Researching, developing, and guiding the prevention of pollution
  • Establishing the standards and the terminologies of Environmental Engineering technology
  • Granting Awards to those who have contributed to Environmental Engineering
  • Networking with domestic and international organizations related to
  • Environmental Engineering