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1978 March 25 |     Founding meeting of the society 1st president Kim, Dong Min (University of Seoul)

1979 November |     Publishing Journal of KSEE Vol.1, No.1

1980 April |     2nd president Kim, Dong Min (Reappointed)

1982 April |     3rd president Jo, Kwang Myung (Inha University)

1982 December |     1st KSEE conference (University of Seoul)

1983 August |     Set standards for the academic curriculum and the required equipments for the education of Environmental Engineering

1984 May |     4th president Jung, Jae Gi (Inha University)

1986 April |     5th president Jung, Jae Gi (Reappointed)

1988 May |     6th president Shin, Eung Bai (Council of Regional Environmental Centers)

1990 May |     7th president Shin, Eung Bai (reappointed)

1992 May |     8th president Kim, Dong Yoon (Pusan National University)

1993 December |     Organizing the Professional Subcommittees(Water, Air, Waste)

1994 May |     9th president Park, Young Gyu (Yeungnam University)

1996 March |     Publishing Environmental Engineering Research (EER) Vol.1, No.1

1996 May |     10th president Kim, Hwan Gi(Chonbuk National University)

1996 June |     Organizing the Regional Committees

1996 October |     Established the agreement of Academic Collaboration with Japan Society on Water Environment

1998 May |     11th president Yu, Myong Jin (University of Seoul) KSEE 20th Anniversary

2000 May |     12th president Choung, Youn Kyoo (Yonsei University)

2001 February |     Journal of KSEE listed on Korea Citation Index (KCI)

2002 May |     13th president Shin, Hang Sik (KAIST)

2003 May |     KSEE 25th Anniversary

2004 May |     14th president Lee, Sang Eun (Ajou University)

2006 February |     EER listed on Korea Citation Index (KCI)

2006 April |     15th president Kim, Kap Soo (Seoul Development Institute)

2006 June |     KSEE received "Presidential Award"

2008 May |     16th president Park, Chul-Hwi (University of Seoul)