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Founded in 1978,
Korean Society of Environmental Engineers (KSEE) is the oldest and largest organization for Environmental Engineers in Korea. With more than 4,500 members today, KSEE is open to anyone who wants to participate our mission and activities.

Member benefits
  • Receive print copy of EER, 4 issues a year
  • Receive print copy of Journal of KSEE, 12 issues a year
  • Access to online published KSEE papers including J of KSEE, EER, KSEE conference papers
  • Discount on KSEE conference entrance fee
  • E-mail service of society information including symposiums, education, career, and EER papers.

Join membership using one of the following options
  • - Group member (Contact to KSEE office +82-2-383-9652)
  • - Special member (Contact to KSEE office +82-2-383-9652)